Are there any types...

Are there any types of Listerine mouthwash that do not contain alcohol?  

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Yes, Listerine now manufactures alcohol-free mouthwashes to meet the needs of people who don't like or can't use alcohol-based products. Some Listerine alcohol-free mouthwash products include:

Listerine Zero: This is the first alcohol-free Listerine mouthwash introduced, alcohol-free and sugar-free, especially suitable for people who want to reduce sugar in their diet.

Listerine Naturals: Listerine mouthwash is made from natural ingredients, free of alcohol, fluoride and artificial colors.

Listerine Total Care Zero: This product is alcohol-free and fortified with ingredients to help take care of your teeth, protect teeth, and keep gums healthy.

In addition, if you have special requirements when using a mouthwash product, you can look for other Listerine products such as Listerine Smart Rinse, Listerine Sensitivity Zero and Listerine Freshburst Zero, depending on your needs and preferences. your favorite.

However, if you have any special health problems or conditions, you should consult your doctor or healthcare professional before using Listerine mouthwash or any other product.

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