A New Vpop Song of ...

A New Vpop Song of Chau Khai Phong Composed by Thanh Hung "Yeu Cang That Xa Cang Dau"  

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On September 25th, 2019, the song “Yêu Càng Thật Xa Càng Đau” was released on YouTube. “Yêu Càng Thật Xa Càng Đau” is a collaboration of Châu Khải Phong and composer Thanh Hưng (1991). Before that, they collaborated with each other in previous music products such as “Bên nhau thật khó “ and “Đến sau một người”.

This song was composed by Thanh Hưng and the vocals performed by Châu Khải Phong. In the…

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