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Behind The Meaning Of Phi Phuong Anh's Song "Map Mo"  

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Do you know how ambiguous love is? Phí Phương Anh is a Vietnamese model and singer. After winning the ‘The Face’ contest in Vietnam, she is known to many people.

As a new face in the Vpop circle, Phí Phương Anh has several songs such as "Cắm Sừng Ai Đừng Cắm Sừng Em", "Buồn Không Thể Buông", " Cánh Bướm Dối Gian" and "Răng Khôn". This beautiful singer recently showed the spirit of…

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This type of relationship is unhealthy and someone always gets hurt. I have never been in this kind of position but I have friends who have. It is not fun to hang in limbo and wonder. You end up regretting wasted time. 

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I like the LGBT support. More of this needs to take place in other countries. I think for the most part the UK, Canada, and the US have made them a protected class. They need to focus on gaining support in other countries where LGBT people are still heavily targeted. 

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I think the song is sweet and eye-opening. 

Having different perspectives and emotions in various relationships allows your fanbase to feel more connected to you as an artist as well as your music. 

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so good 



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