Chi Dan Released “V...

Chi Dan Released “Van Yeu Day Thoi” on His 30th Birthday  

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Chi Dân launched three music products in the first half of 2019 consisting of “Buồn Một Chút Rồi Thôi” MV on January 10th, 2019, “Anh Cô Đơn Quá” lyric MV on April 10th, 2019 and the latest “Vẫn Yêu Đấy Thôi” MV on June 2nd, 2019. “Vẫn Yêu Đấy Thôi” was also released on Chi Dân’s 30th birthday as a gift which he presented to himself and wanted to send to his fans.


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Have you heard Chi Dan's new song Vẫn Yêu Đấy Thôi? It's a special touch for his 30th birthday, showing his authentic connection with fans through heartfelt music.


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