Da LAB’s “Thuc Giac...

Da LAB’s “Thuc Giac” Hits Top 1 Trending on YouTube  

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Da LAB officially returned to the music biz with the release of "Thức Giấc". In this video, Da LAB teamed up with Nguyễn An An, a brand-new female voice. In particular, Thuý Ngân appears in Da LAB’s"Thức Giấc".

She is a Vietnamese actress who rose to prominence in recent years thanks to TV series movies such as Gạo Nếp Gạo Tẻ and "Cây Táo Nở Hoa". The song “Thức Giấc” is a perfect mix…

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I've heard this song before but its name escapes me, thanks for sharing it ❤️

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Dalab's every song is good. I love indie music


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