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Duc Phuc and Lang L...

Duc Phuc and Lang LD Collab for "Xuan Nay Con Se Ve" for Tet 2021  

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Đức Phúc officially released the newest song “Xuân Này Con Sẽ Về”. The song has rapidly sat on top 29 of YouTube Trending and top 10 Music Trending in only a few hours.

Besides, within 48 hours after the release, it garnered more than one million views on YouTube. It is proven that the spiritual message “mang Tết về nhà – bringing Lunar New Year vibe home” of Pepsi has made a great impact…

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Okay so the song is spectacular, like all of it is amazing the song the video, truly a master piece. So it actually deserves this love that it got heck even more. 

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@naruto_sun I agree with you. It's an amazing song. Plus the video as well. It deserves to go even higher in views and ratings. Because it's freaking amazing. 

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Oooo this song is interesting. Plus the stats are pretty cool I'mma give it a shot and see how I find it. You guys have some interesting reviews on this. 


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