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Duong Edward Comes ...

Duong Edward Comes Back With First Song "Dang Em" From His Acoustic MV Series 'Khuc Hoa Tinh'  

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Duong Edward (Nguyen Tung Duong) went to the UK to study music and came back to participate in the Vietnam Idol 2016 contest.

Competing at the contest, although he did not achieve Top 1, reaching the Top 5 and receiving the love of his fans was an enormous motivation for Duong Edward to continue pursuing his passion for music. credit: “Dáng Em” MV On May 2021, Dương Edward officially came back on the music…

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Loving the song. Listened to it twice over already. :) 

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His dedication for becoming one of the best is phenomenal 😍. Plus his work is very very good in my opinion ❤️

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@sienna_davis This my first time listening to Duong Edward and I would definitely agree with you that his production of this MV is heart touching ❤️💜💜💜


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