"Em La Chau Bau" of...

"Em La Chau Bau" of Tlinh, Chau Bui and MCK Broke Many Records After Its Release  

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Causing a sensation at the very first moment of the new MV, Châu Buì and the duo TLinh – MCK (currently the hottest duo of the Vietnamese community) aroused the audience's curiosity by an enigmatic hashtag #ELCB.

Châu Bùi again took her fans by surprise with the new, large-scale music video “Em Là Châu Báu” on November 22nd. It also gave a clear explanation about the previous hashtag #ELCB. source: vlive.tv Being launched while…

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The song is good but the video is ultra cute 🤩. It reminds me of my childhood at first then goes to another dimension of my dreams and goals. I am a treasure 🤘

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Exactly what the song said "I'm the treasure". And also each girl in the world are the treasure of themselves.

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Such a hot song, Amazing good job👍👍


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