First Ever: Huong L...

First Ever: Huong Ly and Jombie of G5R Collabs in “Khue Moc Lang” Reaching Over 38 Million Views  

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The first collaboration “Khuê Mộc Lang” between Hương Ly and rapper Jombie from G5R with the historical style won the highest rank on YouTube.  Specifically, 100 percent of the MV's revenue was used to support the Covid-19 vaccine fund in Vietnam.

Reaching 4.7 million views on YouTube within only two weeks of the release, the song "Khuê Mộc Lang" began to take the throne on several charts such as top 1 trending YouTube and…

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This has such a fun summer feel to it. Ironically enough, it is the kind of music I need most in the winter months. It seems like people are too stressed out this time of the year. Love the song!

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I listen it daily ❤️ I love it 💖💖

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It's costume music isn't it?? Lyric is nicee


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