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German-Vietnamese Artist Vinh Khuat Releases "Hay Noi Di" Bringing Eclectic Flavor to Vpop  

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Vinh Khuất (Nguyễn Khuất Vinh) is a guy from Hà Nội (the capital of Vietnam). He immigrated to Germany when he was little. This young, brilliant vocalist has been widely known by Vietnamese youths with a series of big hits such as “Quá Lâu”, “Lẽ Ra” and “Không Quên Được Em”.

Having been inspired by a habitual slogan of all girls: Em không sao đâu - I am “okay”, Vinh Khuất turned it into…

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Vinh Khuat's Hãy Nói Đi truly hits home with its blend of German and Vietnamese vibes, digging deep into relationship dynamics. His music speaks volumes, resonating with many and breaking cultural barriers. It's like a breath of fresh air in the Vpop scene! 🎶


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