Han Sara Drops OST ...

Han Sara Drops OST "Tim Lai Chinh Em" With a Doja Cat Type Beat for Horror Film 'Thang May'  

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Han Sara officially launched the new MV “Tìm Lại Chính Em” - the official soundtrack of the cinematography Thang Máy which was shown on Halloween of 2020.

The trio, Bích Ngọc, Benjamin James and Michael Choi, were the composers of the song, and Han Sara was chosen to perform it. The MV’s content tells a story about a girl yearning, aspirating to live her own life and be herself. source: Han Sara's Facebook She…

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A really catchy tune. Sounds familiar to another song I heard a while ago, but can't place it. Either way, thanks for sharing. It's a really fun song to listen to. :) 

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 Do I still have to wait to see if it is in the opening music video Say So


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