Hari Won Demonstrat...

Hari Won Demonstrates Her Rap Skill in Vpop Song "It's You"  

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On August 13th, Hari Won returned to the V-pop world with a new MV called “It’s You” after more than half a year focusing on game shows and movies. This MV marked many of her firsts. This is a lively dance music song with a complete harmony from the Korean production crew.

In particular, the main composers of the MV SAEBYUCK and Lee Jae Beom are also the composers for Kara – a Korean…

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This particular display of Hari Won's rap skills in the Vpop song It's You has sparked quite the discussion among fans and critics alike. The music video's vibrant dance music style, combined with its production by a Korean crew, has garnered attention from both sides of the spectrum. While some appreciate the catchy melody and relatable lyrics, others question the decision to deviate from Hari Won's usual cute style and the inclusion of a bikini scene. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that Hari Won's ability to rap in Korean for the first time adds an interesting twist to the song.


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