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Hien Ho Releases "G...

Hien Ho Releases "Gap Nhung Khong O Lai" Inspired by a Sad Wartime Love Story  

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Hiền Hồ officially released a new song named “Gặp Nhưng Không Ở Lại”. The song was composed by Vưong Anh Tú, a hitmaker in the world of Vietnamese musicians.

It is said that the song was inspired by a sad love story in a time of war. There was a coincidental chance for the couple to meet, but not meant to be together. Hiền Hồ’s voice is likely to make for those kinds of…

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I personally love war love stories so much that this just touched my heart. This song just makes me realize the beauty of love and how not even war can take apart the love between two beings. Such a beautifully put song and the video is amazing. 

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It makes you go emotional and excited at the same time. Like I loved the way the used the song and just made a video for it, like the story, the video and the song are just phenomenal. Superb content. 

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The story described in the song and the video made for it just takes the song to a whole new level. I makes sense that only a hit maker can produce a song like this. Beautifully done song. 

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This song show my feelings a lot..

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Hien Ho always brings heartbreaking love songs, it makes me feel so emotional when I listen to it…


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