Ho Quang Hieu’s New...

Ho Quang Hieu’s New MV “Nuoc Mat Dong Bang” Depicts a Heartbreaking Love Story  

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Hồ Quang Hiếu officially returned to the Vietnam music market with his latest ballad “Nước Mắt Đóng Băng” which is promising to be a tear-jerker.

The video depicts a heartbreaking love story between a couple in which there is no shared voice in their relationship. To forget about his anguish, the boy lost himself in inebriated debauchery. credit: “Nước Mắt Đóng Băng” MV The narrative's content is simple and familiar. However, as it is…

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You can just hear the soul in every word, and in his voice as well. That was a great song! 

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It's a sad song that contrasts with his comedic personality 😃😃


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