Hoai Lam Records "N...

Hoai Lam Records "Nguoi Den Sau Se Cho Nguoi Tat Ca" in His Hometown Vinh Long  

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The song “Người Đến Sau Sẽ Cho Người Tất Cả” is a soothing ballad with the lyrics full of emotions performed by Hoài Lâm and composed by Aitai.

The music video “Người Đến Sau Sẽ Cho Người Tất Cả” was released on November 27th, 2020 on Aitai Producer’s YouTube Channel. source: “Người Đến Sau Sẽ Cho Người Tất Cả” MV The Vpop music video describes a young couple’s love story (performed by Lê Bống…

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This is a gooood song. It has it's special emotional touch. It makes you indulge in the vibe it has. Good to listen in the evening with a soothing cup of tea. 

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Beautifully done. The song is amazing. Highly recommend this for a date night candle dinner or an evening mood song. I love the way they have out done the song and made it a beautiful and soothing one. 


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