Hoang Duyen Comes B...

Hoang Duyen Comes Back With Her First Love Story in the Music Video “Me”  

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Being known for her sweet vocals and feminine style in “Sài Gòn Đau Lòng Quá”, “Chàng Trai Sơ Mi Hồng” and “Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa”, Hoàng Duyên comes back with another sweet love song named “Mê”.

The MV and its audio were officially released on DreamS Entertainment’s channel on Feb 9, 2022. “Mê” is expected to be another pure lovely song that conquers the heart of fans. It is a composition of the…

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She is so pretty and she can sing! I remember her song Saigon Dau Long Qua

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Love her voice and the work she did in the music video. The song is really lovely as well. I think this is one of my favorite ones by her thus far!

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If she continues to come back with strong songs like this, he career is going to go far. That is all I can say. Not really the type of music I listen to but I know a good singer when I hear one!

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I love the muted blue filter they used in this video. It really helps sell that feeling of love and happiness. The song is nice!


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