Hoang Duyen Gets Po...

Hoang Duyen Gets Police Involved in Her Cute Love Song “Em Se Bao Cong An”  

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Hoàng Duyên, a gifted young female singer, finally made her comeback with the MV “Em Sẽ Báo Công An” in mid-July. It is the second musical release of “Tân Binh Hoa Sen" in her professional career– Hoàng Duyên. It showed that the Vietnamese audience adores the MV the most since it features music and visuals designed in a Vietnamese aesthetic.

In the previous days, Hoàng Duyên has been well-known for her massive hit, "Chàng…

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This is a great example of what you can do with music. You can take your lyrics and turn them into something that is not only fun, but also meaningful and emotional. Yes, there is an element of humor in this song, but it does not make the message any less important. The fact that Hoang Duyen was able to put together a catchy tune while still making her message clear speaks volumes about her talent as a musician.

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I like the creative genius behind this. I love when artists are able to do such huge things and make such a big impact like this.

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I like the lofi vibes of this one and the dancing was spot on. I think vpop performers do such amazing work with their dancing. Love it!

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I love this song! It's so cute, and I love that the lyrics are so simple. I've been listening to it on repeat for hours, and it's just so good.

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How does one go about getting the police involved? Does she have family that know the local police force or something? I like the MV and the song. It is very catchy. 


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