Hoang Yen Chibi Sho...

Hoang Yen Chibi Shows Her Hot Choreograph in Dance Version of “Dieu Tuyet Voi Sau Nuoc Mat”  

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Hoàng Yến Chibi opened audiences’ eyes with a spectacular dance in the song “Điều Tuyệt Vời Sau Nước Mắt”.

The MV “Điều Tuyệt Vời Sau Nước Mắt” was the first one marking a subtle change in the bravura of the young, beautiful vocalist - Hoàng Yến Chibi. source: dep.com.vn This talented singer has acquired the reputation for her mellifluous, limpid, and emotional voice by a bunch of big hits such as “Bỏ Mặc Quá…

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