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JSOL Represents Sin...

JSOL Represents Single People in His New MV “Doc Than”  

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JSOL released the music video "Độc Thân" where JSOL's personality is reflected in the song's vivid, colorful, youthful, and naughty melody. The song's focus is the timeless topic of "single life" amongst young people in the modern era.

“Độc Thân” is the song exclusively composed for JSOL by one of the most sought-after hitmakers in Viet Nam. It contains such an incredibly mellifluous melody that could engage listeners at its initial notes. https://www.facebook.com/jsol.dreams/posts/361413095337830 In…

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"I'm sexy, I'm free, I'm single"
I think im gonna take it to be a caption in FB haha

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This MV convey positive energy for me. "single energy to love life" lol....

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Being single makes us healthier and happier, it's true😆


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