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JSOL Teams up With Popular YouTuber-Composer ViruSs to Release "Gia Nhu Em Nhin Lai" Music Video!  

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JSOL released his new MV “Giá Như Em Nhìn Lại” which was composed by hot YouTuber ViruSs on August 12th, 2019. ViruSs previously composed two hit songs “Thằng Điên” (JustaTee and Phương Ly) and “Yêu Được Không” (Đức Phúc) that has over 100 million views and 25.5 million views today on YouTube respectively.

“Giá Như Em Nhìn Lại” belongs to the ballad genre like ViruSs’ previous songs. However, this song has a sad confession…

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