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Kai Dinh Asks What ...

Kai Dinh Asks What Is Love in "The Nao La Tinh Yeu"  

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Kai Đinh has launched his newest MV named “Thế Nào Là Tình Yêu”. After the emotional song "Chuyện Nhà Bé Thôi, Con Đừng Về" which is a collaboration of Kai Đinh and MIN released 2 weeks ago,

Kai Đinh quickly returned to his favorite music style with “Thế Nào Là Yêu”. credit: “Thế Nào Là Yêu” MV “Thế Nào Là Yêu” is a million-dollar question that Kai Đinh wanted to raise for his beloved…

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A great talent with a beautiful voice! I will be checking into his other music now. 

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Thanks for sharing another great song. My playlist is getting full of great music. Keep them coming! :)

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Yahooo another amazing song ❤️❤️❤️



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