Lou Hoang and Famou...

Lou Hoang and Famous Video Game Streamers Join Forces to Remake "Bong Bong Bang Bang" for Lien Quan Mobile  

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Độ Mixi, ViruSs and Cris Phan surprised the audience when partaking in the MV “Bống Bống Bang Bang” with Liên Quân version.

The Liên Quân mobile game fandom has enjoyed the hard work of the collaboration of many influential streamers such as Độ Mixi, ViruSs, Cris Devil Gamer, and singer Lou Hoàng with the remake of “Bống Bống Bang Bang”. source: Bong Bong Bang Bang lien quan version Basically, “Bống Bống Bang Bang” is…

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perfect combination of funny people


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