Lynk Lee's New Matu...

Lynk Lee's New Mature Image and Chic Fashion in "Buon Thi Cu Khoc Di" With Hotgirl Lam A Han  

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The song “Buồn Thì Cứ Khóc Đi” belongs to R&B genre with the harmony mixes between  Lofi and Pop electronic performed by Lynk Lee and the music also composed by him. The music video “Buồn Thì Cứ Khóc Đi” was released on March 11th, 2020 on Lynk Lee’s YouTube channel.

The MV “Buồn Thì Cứ Khóc Đi” describes the sadness and the disappointment of a man (performed by Lynk Lee) when he knows his…

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