Masew Adds His Uniq...

Masew Adds His Unique Touch To B RAY and Young H's "Dung Tin Her"  

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After the song “Boy Mỹ Con”, in the association with a music producer Masew, and a co-worker - Young H, B RAY continued to launch another big hit named “Đừng Tin Her”.

It should come as no surprise that the song received such a tumultuous welcome from the public as B RAY always knows how to amaze his fans. Within 24 hours after the song was officially released, it immediately attained a million views…

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haha I love the music video, and I am loving the song so far. Great stuff! 

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@amy I agree, the song and the video both are amazing. I loving this as well.

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Pretty good for a first impression song for me. Like this is the first song I'm listening to by B Ray. Good stuff I'm gonna look in more to his other songs he produced. 


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