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Nguyen Minh Cuong E...

Nguyen Minh Cuong Exclusively Wrote the Song “Buon Lam Chi Em Oi” for Hoai Lam  

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Nguyễn Minh Cường, the composer of the song, once shared that: “I can feel the pain from the miserable pervaded / pervading eyes of Hoài Lâm.

Therefore, as a friend, a brother, a close collaborator, I would love to write him the song “Buồn Làm Chi Em Ơi” to encourage him to overcome the pain. source: “Buồn Làm Chi Em Ơi” MV Indeed, every time Hoài Lâm receives a song dome from me, he…

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It's a really great song. Really liking the new direction too. Wish I had talent like this. 

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