Nhat Phong Captures...

Nhat Phong Captures the Hearts of Listeners in "Anh Tung Co Gang"  

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Nhật Phong’s proper name is Nguyễn Thế Bình. He was born in 1992 in Lào Cai (a city in the northwest region of Vietnam) and was trained to be a singer at the National academy of music.

He used to participate in some traditional musical talent shows such as Sao Mai, Tiếng Hát Truyền Hình Hà Nội, etc. source: “Anh Từng Cố Gắng” MV During the time that Nhật Phong first started his singing…

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Ohh I recognise this song. I just know the singer now, and he is really handsome 😂😍😍😍

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The song is beautiful and meaningful, I think it reflects the reality of love.🧐🧐


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