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Not Knowing How to End a Bad Relationship Is the Saddest Thing in Hoa Minzy's "Dieu Buon Nhat Khi Yeu"  

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Since the release of the song "Chỉ Là Tình Cờ" in May 2019, Hoa Minzy has been quite quiet in her singing career path, along with rumors that she will retire to get married.

Although she has clarified this rumor is just a misunderstanding, the pause in her music for more than half a year made many viewers worried. Source: Finally, Hoà Minzy's latest music product premiered on December 1st, 2019. Continuing to…

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Isn't it intriguing how Hoa Minzy's song Dieu Buon Nhat Khi Yeu hits you right in the feels? Her raw emotions and soulful lyrics make you connect deeply. It's like she knows our own heartaches.


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