Over 100 Million Vi...

Over 100 Million Views! Nal, an Idol From Dong Thap Creates a Buzz With Wedding Lyric Video “Roi Toi Luon”  

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Hồ Phi Nal, a Gen Z musician from Đồng Tháp province, is generating a stir in the Vietnamese music industry with his song "Rồi Tới Luôn", which is about a Vietnamese western wedding.

The song's chill and cheerful melody threw a breath of new air into the music industry during the pandemic period, with six versions concurrently entering the list of trending videos on YouTube. https://www.facebook.com/NALpikachu/posts/1556305438035878 "Rồi Tới Luôn" has over 500,000 views on…

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I feel good with this song. This song is so cute

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Over 100 mil is insane! I can see why it has this many views though. It is a good song and I bet a lot of people like to sing it together. These lyric videos come in handy.

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Even just see a poster but I could know this song is quite cute and funny kkk


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