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Phan Manh Quynh Join Hands With Rapper Karik in "Dan Ong Khong Noi" for the Tet Atmosphere  

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Phan Mạnh Quỳnh and Karik collaborated in a new MV named “Đàn Ông Không Nói”. The MV tells a simple but concise story suitable for the Tet atmosphere in Vietnam.

The tune's lyrics whirl right into the introspection of menfolk. Being men, they are expected to be much stronger than women in most circumstances. Therefore, behind the word “It is fine” or “It is okay, do not worry” are tears shedding down inwardly. source:…

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This song truly portrays the reality of a male dominated society and it's flaw of men not being able to express their feelings like us women. It's so true that we don't look at the feelings of men and consider it week that men shouldn't express sadness or sorrow at all. This was a song with a deep and huge msg. 

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Love the message they're sending. Men can have emotions, and can go through depression. I have dealt with a lot of problems in my life. 

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We should "action is louder than speak" and don't be a great talkers but little doers.

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A great combination, all of Phan Manh Quynh's songs, the melody is wonderful and pleasant. 


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