Phat Ho of X2X Rele...

Phat Ho of X2X Releases Solo MV “Mua Dem”  

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Eventually, with the song "Mưa Đêm" Phát Hồ made his debut as a solo artist for the first time. The song was officially launched on his 22nd birthday.

The MV “Mưa Đêm” has captivated audiences since its teaser video was released, thanks to its appealing melody. The song is a sorrowful love ballad, as the headline indicates, with verses that possibly makes the audience touched. credit: “Mưa Đêm” MV Phát Hồ was said to…

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It gives me such a young love and young heartache vibe that I really could have related to a few years back. I still enjoy the song and the music. 

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@thirdstrikeiii I know exactly what you mean! I can still feel it though. I have been told by family I am still in the puppy love stages and I have to stop that or I will never find a wife lol

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This is one of the most romantic, artistic, creative, stunning, beautiful music videos I have ever seen in my life, and what makes it even more amazing is how well this video portrays the song and goes with the song. 💌💕💎👑💓💖🍀🌹💥👍


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