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Ricky Star Releases “Thien Than Tinh Yeu” – A Very Special Gift for His Faithful Supporters  

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“Thiên Thần Tình Yêu" MV with a joyful, sweet melody has been released by Ricky Star on Christmas Eve. The MV was launched on December 24th, 2021.

Currently, the MV has 22,000 likes and approaching 1 million views on YouTube. In the MV, there are contributions from Ricky Star's close friends such as Obito, Mai Âm Nhạc, Seachains, and Freaky. credit: “Thiên Thần Tình Yêu" MV Ricky Star confided about the reason for releasing…

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This song is pretty good. Ricky Star is everywhere lately it seems. He's got a new song out, or he's featured in another artist's track. He's like the go to guy when a Vpop artist needs a rapper in their song.

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It is catchy and trendy. I feel like they nailed the flow and vibe of it. It is going to be a summer song for sure going into the season change!

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I like the softer melody of their voices. It is a song that is easy to listen to and isn't so wild and all over the place. 

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@teresanguyen I was thinking the same thing. It is actually more relaxing and easy on the ears. I usually listen to upbeat high-energy stuff! But I like this. 


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