“So Yeu” Is a Song ...

“So Yeu” Is a Song for the Heartbroken by Beautiful Overseas Vietnamese Singer Thanh Ha  

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The talented and beautiful singer Thanh Hà released “Sợ Yêu” song which described the current mood of many people on October 25th, 2018. This song is one of ten songs in her latest album - “Mới Mẻ Nào Cũng Ngọt Ngào” album which was made in Viet Nam.

“Mới Mẻ Nào Cũng Ngọt Ngào” album was released on December 2018 and was produced by musician Đức Trí, Thanh Hà and her boyfriend - Roland…

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Isn't Thanh Ha's performance in Sợ Yêu just amazing? Her voice is so soulful and full of emotion, really hitting you right in the feels. The song's melody and her personal touch make it stand out, creating a truly moving experience for us listeners. What a talent!


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