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SpaceSpeakers Uplifts Vietnam’s Tourism Industry With “Nhanh Len Nhe!”  

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The MV "Nhanh Lên Nhé!" by SpaceSpeakers – a Vietnamese music band was officially launched on the evening of July 11th. The 4-minute 30-second video has received more than 600,000 views on YouTube within a short period.

This MV serves as a transition point for many SpaceSpeakers episodes, showcasing the SpaceSpeakers’s members' boundless creativity inside this communal space. Previously on July 7th, SpaceSpeakers sparked a discussion with just a 10-second teaser when each talent…

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It's great to see how the music industry is helping the Vietnamese tourism industry.

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I like how welcoming they are to people wanting to experience their land. Very few countries are this welcoming and love to share their culture. 

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You don't really see a lot of artists doing this be it for Vietnam or other countries. It honestly makes Vietnam feel more welcoming and friendly. I am shocked not more places do this.

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I think this is great. It is a warm way of showing people around the world that Vietnam is a welcoming place. I think a lot of people think Asian countries are put off by visitors. While this is the case for some, most of them especially Vietnam love people enjoying their culture. 


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