"Tang Anh Cho Co Ay...

"Tang Anh Cho Co Ay" a Dramatic Love Triangle of Huong Giang and Her Best Friend Officially Comes to an End?  

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On February 6th, Hương Giang officially released MV “Tặng Anh Cho Cô Ấy”- the last chapter of series MV Drama #ADODDA (Anh Đang Ở Đâu Đấy Anh) Which is one of Vpop’s massive hits in the past two years.

More than expected, “Tặng Anh Cho Cô Ấy” comes with a string of “twists” which solves all the cliffhangers during the series #ADODDA and satisfies the audience’s hearts. With an unstoppable magnetism of the song…

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