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The Singer of Mega Hit Song "Ngu Hoa Le Roi" Releases MV "Quen Mot Nguoi Tung Yeu" With Mixed Opinions  

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The song “Quên Một Người Từng Yêu” is a mild ballad with the lyrics full of emotions performed by Châu Khải Phong and composed by Phan Hiếu.

The music video “Quên Một Người Từng Yêu” was released on July 22nd 2020 on Châu Khải Phong’s YouTube Channel. source: “Quên Một Người Từng Yêu” MV The MV describes the sad love story of a young couple. In the MV, the man loves the girl so…

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It's usual to see as this story in love..


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