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Thinh Suy Comeback ...

Thinh Suy Comeback With a Sad Ending Love Story in "Tinh Yeu Xanh La"  

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Thịnh Suy released his new MV “Tình Yêu Xanh Lá” on November 11th, 2020, one of the songs of gop EP, which includes four songs: “Chuyện Rằng”, “20 Năm Ở Thế Giới”, “Tình Yêu Xanh Lá”, and “Slowly”.

The song is a sweet love song that Thịnh Suy wants to use this song to tell his girlfriend how much he loves her. Having a gentle melody, the song sharing the thoughts of Thịnh Suy…

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This is such a beautiful way to express his love for his Girlfriend. The song is beautiful. 
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I heard the song and read that it was for his girlfriend that is like such a beautiful thing to do. Like he dedicated the song to his beloved that's a big deal I would say. 

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This song really made a connection with me and the vibe just reminded me of some old memories. Loved the song. 


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