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Trang Yue and B RAY...

Trang Yue and B RAY Collectively Joined Hands for "Thuong Anh"  

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Contributing to bringing good vibes for the Vietnamese music at the end of 2020, Trang Yue and B RAY collectively joined hands to make a love song named “Thương Anh”.

Previously, Trang Yue and B RAY used to once work together in the song “Music Box”, however, this is just a pre-debut song of Trang Yue. source: “Thương Anh” MV Recently, Trang Yue has shared that the desire to pursuing music has been growing…

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This song definitely has the worth it vibes. I loved it. 

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Trang Yue is so cute~ her voice also quite cute and light as Amee I think. By the way B-ray plays this song very well.

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Trang Yue's voice is so good, she's so cute 👍👍


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