Truc Nhan's New MV ...

Truc Nhan's New MV "Lam Goi Do Them" Will Make You Crave for Instant Noodles  

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“Làm Gói Đỡ Thèm” is an advertising music video that was inspired by a popular phrase of the young Vietnamese generation.

It seems to be a typical inviting sentence but, is now becoming into vogue all over social media thanks to the emergence of a young versatile artist Trúc Nhân. source: “Làm Gói Đỡ Thèm” MV The official MV “Làm Gói Đỡ Thèm” was released on September 16th, 2020 by Trúc Nhân. Within only…

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So cute, just ate Hao Hao now. I have a cover of music Happy  


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