Vuong Anh Tu Strugg...

Vuong Anh Tu Struggles Between Choosing Love and Music Passion in "Cuoc Goi Nho"  

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Vương Anh Tú officially released the newest MV “Cuộc Gọi Nhỡ” marking an imposing comeback after a massive hit named “Giúp Anh Trả Lời Những Câu Hỏi” on November 11th.

He also shared the theme and the inspiration of the song “Cuộc Gọi Nhỡ” in a meeting. The song is partly based on the reality of his life.  There are moments that he felt torn between either choosing love or his true calling. source:…

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I just noticed Hien Ho kkk she looks so attractive~

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The MV is so beautiful, his voice is so warm and sweet. 😊😊


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