How a Free Traffic Exchange Can Grow Your Website Visitor Numbers

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If you are wondering how to send more traffic to your website, an option worth considering is a traffic exchange (TE) service, which can help boost your website’s visitor number. For many webmasters who want their websites ranked higher in search results, they use these services to help them achieve this goal. If you don’t understand what this is or how it can benefit you, please continue reading.

What is a traffic exchange?

A TE program is similar to autosurf utilities, but with a few differences, such as manual rotation. Owners of websites hoping to increase their visibility join TE services and submit their sites for inclusion in the service in exchange for credits earned by visiting the sites of other members. In this way, other members of the exchange can visit your website, and you can reciprocate by visiting theirs. For example, a rise in visitor numbers can be seen in a website’s analytics, which itself boosts a website’s ranking on search engine results. Most programs require members to visit a certain number of sites in order to maintain their membership. As we can see, then, using TEs to promote your website can have several advantages.

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Benefits to membership in a TE

The first advantage is cost-effectiveness, as there are a number of free traffic exchange services available. When other members of the exchange visit your website and like what they see, they may choose to link to your site in their own, increasing your visitor numbers even more. As a webmaster, you can benefit from using these exchanges because they allow you to build a network across a variety of exchange services. There was a time, prior to social media, when TEs were an effective way to share links to websites among members, originating in corporate intranets and later spreading to the general online community.

The ability to market to a specific audience is another advantage of exchanges. In order to ensure that your content is only seen by people who are interested in it, many networking services direct visitors to your site based on content in which they have previously shown an interest. It is also possible to use traffic exchanges to recruit affiliates, as traffic exchanges allow you to promote your business by generating leads. Visitors to your site who are interested in becoming an affiliate can do so by signing up on your site. This generates even more traffic overall. Online businesses can benefit from this because it allows them to quickly build their brand.

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Long term strategy

It will take some time and effort, especially in the beginning, to get started using website traffic exchange services as a strategy. Signing up for as many free exchange programs as you can and then starting to surf for credits is the best first step. This gives you a better understanding of how these utilities work and how to best utilize them for your own purposes. Having mastered your personal surfing style, you can devote about an hour a day to surfing and accumulating credits. For the first six months, you’ll begin to see the minor results of other people’s web surfing. As you generate traffic from residual monthly credits and referrals, however, the system will start to self-sustain.


Which exchange should you chose?

Because of the popularity of these tools in generating the much needed web traffic needed to rank your website higher on the list of search engine results, understandably there are no shortage of them to choose from. Some exchanges charge for premium services, but this does not mean one should disregard free services as worthless. In order to choose the best traffic exchange service for your own needs, you can visit review lists the top traffic exchanges currently in operation for this year and next. You should also have a clear idea in your own mind of what kind of service you are looking for and what limitations in services you are willing to accept.

In general, you want to ensure that the services you end up using allow for users from a global audience and is not limited to just one country. You should look for programs that allow you to modify certain features such as visit length and other types of similar data. It is worth considering a service if they allow upgrades and more features for paid-for premium memberships, such as the ability to purchase traffic packages to generate website visits more quickly. You also want to go with a service who has a user-friendly design on their own webpage, as it can be time consuming and confusing to have to navigate a convoluted website to gain any advancement in its services. You should also go with a service that can break down visitor data into categories, such as what browsers are being used, and how much of the visitor data comes from mobile devices. This information can be very useful in the future when deciding how best to design your website for mobile users or the majority of users utilizing a particular browser.

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Summing it up

As we can see, there are many factors that can influence how successful a TE service can be for your website, which can include the Internet service provider you use, the design of your website, and what type of free website traffic you are looking to attract. This is where the benefits of using several different TE services can be useful, as many offer different services, and this allows you to determine which programs are more effective at generating leads for the kind of website you are promoting. If you are choosy about the kinds of TEs you join, ensuring that you deal only with reputable companies, and be careful when using them, this can end up being one of your most useful tools as a webmaster for enhancing the performance of your online business or blog, especially for the new and emerging webmaster of an online business.