Music2T Makes a Comeback With “Hen Yeu” After the Unexpected Success of “Lieu Gio”

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After 5 months since “Liệu Giờ” strong strike on the charts, on November 11th, 2T in collaboration with Kaytee officially released a new song called “Hẹn Yêu”.

Male rapper 2T (real name is Phạm Thế Thành) was born in 1997 and is a talented guy who has the ability to sing, rap as well as compose music.

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Continuing with the strong points, “Hẹn Yêu” is still a gentle, inspirational melody, making listeners easily touched by the sympathy of the song.

2t hen yeu music video


The song makes us think that love for many people is a luxury. It takes them to paths they don’t want and is forced to choose between: to survive and do things that they don’t want or do things they want but cannot live with their families.

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People who think of love always think: just love, take care of each other, hang out together, play games or other easy things. But it is not enough.

kaytee hen yeu vpop


So, when you are still thinking about your old love, try listening to this song.

After a month of release, the MV “Hẹn Yêu” has reached over 800,000 views on YouTube and received many compliments for the lyrics and the melody of this Vpop MV.

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Hen Yeu:

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