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MusicA New Enthralling Vietnamese Song of Nham Phuong Nam Called “Co Nho De Ma Quen”

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The song “Cố Nhớ Để Mà Quên” is a mild ballad with an attractive melody performed by Nhâm Phương Nam and the music composed by Tăng Nhật Tuệ and Win Minh Tuấn. The song “Cố Nhớ Để Mà Quên” was released on October 24th, 2019 on YEAH1 MUSIC YouTube Channel.

The song is a story about an accident that caused a man to blackout and forget all his past memories. He intercepts a love story with two sisters who have a dad and a stepmom. He gets flashbacks of everything and when he regains his consciousness, creepy things occur with him. Finally, the ending of the Vpop music video “Cố Nhớ Để Mà Quên” surprised many audiences with a gay love story of Nhâm Phương Nam and his best friend Lâm Bảo Châu.

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Source: YouTube

The outcome changes what the audience initially predicted. The four main characters in the music video “Cố Nhớ Để Mà Quên” were performed by Nhâm Phương Nam, Katleen Phan Võ (1997), Lâm Bảo Châu and Quỳnh Lương (1995). Nhâm Phương Nam also shared the reasons to have a gay love story in his first product “Love doesn’t have a gap. I want to support and make a product about a love story without gender, ages, or what is right or wrong”.

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Source: YouTube

The music video “Cố Nhớ Để Mà Quên” is the first complete product that is a huge milestone and debut of Nhâm Phương Nam. The Vpop MV is the combination of thrilling content and mild melody which impressed the audiences.

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nham phuong nam co nho de ma quen

Source: Vietgiaitri.com

Let’s enjoy this fascinating song like the official lyrics video of Nhâm Phương Nam named “Có Điên Mới Yêu Em”.

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Co Nho De Ma Quen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpBUpMXGjgs

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