MusicAfter a Two Year Hiatus, Bui Lan Huong Is Back With New MV “Ngay Mai Em Se Thanh Ky Uc”

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“Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức”, a new Vietnamese song by Bùi Lan Hương, has been officially released recently. It has been two years since her last song “Mặt Trăng” was launched.

Finally, the music video for “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” is also available on YouTube.

Earlier, Bùi Lan Hương also leaked a teaser video of the song on her fan page with a few posters and the abbreviated term “#NMESTKU”, which piqued the interest of the audience.

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bui lan huong ngay mai em se thanh ky uc

credit: “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” MV 

She also revealed that her production crew finished the MV “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” in a rush – within just one month.

bui lan huong ngay mai em se thanh ky uc vpop

credit: “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” MV 

Besides, the song came out spontaneously and swiftly, yet it was nonetheless full of the emotions the female singer wanted to express: “I recall me sitting at the piano in the afternoon and hearing the melody of the verse part flow out as if it had been pre-arranged. Then the song was gradually perfected as the way I wanted it to be.”

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ngay mai em se thanh ky uc bui lan huong vpop music

credit: “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” MV 

Moreover, Bùi Lan Hương also stated in a live stream that the MV “Ngày Mai Em Sẽ Thành Ký Ức” was made as a present that she wanted to give to her audience on the occasion of Black Valentine’s Day. Through the song, she also wanted to show her gratitude towards the love and supports received from her beloved followers. She added: “I know that my audience is still there, waiting and supporting me. Therefore, I hope that the MV will partly compensate for the delay in releasing my next album”.

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Ngay Mai Em Se Thanh Ky Uc:

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Bui Lan Huong’s voice is melodious like waves, addicted to this voice from the song “Mặt Trăng” until now. The MV is beautiful, everything is flying in front of the sea


Lovely song and a great video. You can tell from the comments on it that people were really moved by it. This does not surprise me at all with the level of her talent. 


This reminds me of one of those classy old soaps that middle-aged women watched but in a good way. It is like telling a story with the song and you can feel invested in her.


Wow, it has been 2 years!? It doesn’t even feel like it. I could have sworn she had a song come out just this year. Needless to say, this is a beautiful track!