MusicAfter Six Months Away, Quan A.P Returns as a High School Boy in “Nhan Toi Khoang Troi Em”

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Quân A.P officially released a new music product called “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em”. It is also the MV marking the comeback after six months being away from the Vpop music stage.

“Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” is a gentle pop ballad about the feelings of a man who always secretly loves and is burned for his crush.

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quan ap nhan toi khoang troi em music video

credit: “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” MV

The song’s lyric “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” is also convenient for shy guys to borrow so that they can confess their love by music instead of talking directly to their crush.

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Previously, Quân A.P also released “You Are My Crush”  a year ago. Besides, he has also made a name for himself with many massive hit songs such as “Bông Hoa Đẹp Nhất” and “Ai Là Người Thương em”. In previous MVs, Quân A.P played a role of an unlucky guy in love. In response to the expectations of the audience that he will be lucky in love for once, he made a comeback with a joyful and beautiful love story MV.

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nhan toi khoang troi em quan ap

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credit: “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” MV

In his latest MV “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em”, Quân A.P becomes a dreamy guy for many girls. He brings the listener to his high school years with his teenage love story. He also entirely obscures the female lead in the video, which, along with a close-up shot of the male singer, gives the impression that the person watching the MV is the female lead.

quan ap nhan toi khoang troi em vpop mv

credit: “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” MV

The MV “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” was filmed before the complicated development of the 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. According to the original plan, the product would have been launched sooner this year, but it was somehow delayed for some reason.

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quan ap nhan toi khoang troi em mv

credit: “Nhắn Tới Khoảng Trời Em” MV

However, when being invited by The Heroes program to give the audience spiritual encouragement during the pandemic season,  Quân A.P, without hesitation, decided to release the MV.

Nhan Toi Khoang Troi Em:

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The more I listen to it, the more addicted I must be. Quân AP has a warm voice, his smile is so sweet. The song is gentle and very poetic


The music video is really well done. Surprised by the overall quality of it. The music is also brilliant. 


Great song as always. I like how he does his music videos. I don’t know if this is all his choices and creative freedom or the ideas of his team, either way, it works!


Wish I was his crush haha! Really loving this new song!