MusicAfter the Success of “Loi Yeu Ngay Dai”, Kha – An 18-Year-Old Talent Released His Second MV “Em Co Nghe”

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Kha is widely known in the Vietnamese music market with the hit “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” released last year. He shared that this success is beyond his expectations. He has gained a sizable following since his talent and special music style when he is only a high school student.

The second MV of Kha named “Em Có Nghe” was premiered at the end of February 2020. Kha shared that this song was composed before the hit “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại”. However, because of some personal reasons, until now he releases it.

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Still, the R&B music that Kha is persuing, Kha created his mark in the Vpop. The song was written and performed by himself. This song is a confession of a young man at the age of 18 with his beloved. In “Em Có Nghe”, Kha describes a romantic love with beautiful words for his girlfriend. The song is rustic but catchy that the listeners can’t help replaying it.

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The MV this time has been more invested in filming. It can be seen that, compared to his previous MV, “Em Có Nghe” has a variety of scenes filmed in different places in Đà Lạt. Kha stands amidst the mountainous scenery with his electric guitar, which partly shows up his romantic style. Even though there is not any clear story built in the MV, Kha is still able to express the spirit of the song in a vintage style.

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Kha in the MV. Source: YouTube

After more than one month, the MV has nearly ten million views. This is certainly a remarkable success for the comeback MV of a young artist.

Em Co Nghe:

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