Vpop » Music » After the Success of the Movie “100 Ngay Ben Em” (100 Days with You), Fans Hunted for Its Soundtrack

MusicAfter the Success of the Movie “100 Ngay Ben Em” (100 Days with You), Fans Hunted for Its Soundtrack

Arian1 year ago

“Mot Ngay Hay Tram Nam” is the second soundtrack of the movie 100 Ngay Ben Em which was composed by Hua Kim Tuyen. The song is used as a soundtrack alongside the song “Cu Yeu Di” by singer Hoa Minzy and Duc Phuc.

Van Mai Huong with lyrics video of the song Mot Ngay Hay Tram Nam (Source: Youtube)

Although there was no MV for this song, it won a lot of sympathy from the listeners after watching the movie. This is a sweet ballad with profound words mixed with a wonderful female vocalist. Throughout the video are images in the movie “100 Ngay Ben Em”. Through this song, Hua Kim Tuyen and Van Mai Huong want to send a message to everyone to love your best no matter what tomorrow brings.

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100 Ngày Bên Em teaser

The movie 100 Ngày Bên Em (100 Days With You). (Source: Zing.vn)

In order to have a perfect love, we must always be strong and fierce, even if separated by illness or death, love always exists:

“Dù một ngày hay trăm năm, dù gần kề hay xa xăm. Nguyện yêu người đến muôn đời, đến muôn đời. Dù đời xô mình có ra sao, có thế nào. Dù địa đàng hay nhân gian. Dù hình hài hay tro than, nguyện đi cùng đến muôn đời, đến muôn đời. Dù đơi xô mình có xa nhau, có mất nhau. Chẳng phai màu! “

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van mai huong

source: Van Mai Huong’s instagram

“A day or a life time, whether you’re near or far. I promise you, my love, all my love. No matter what may happen, even if we’re here or in paradise, whether we turn to dusts. I will be by your side, forever. No matter if life might push us away. Never fade!”

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Mot Ngay Hay Tram Nam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm_Jc0lUq8A

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