MusicAMEE and B RAY Collabs Another Time in “Do for Love” for the Occasion of Valentine’s Day

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On February 14, 2020, B RAY officially released his collab MV with AMEE named “Do For Love”. This is continuously a successful collaboration with a cute rapper B RAY and sweet voice of AMEE.

The song is co-composed by B RAY and Grey-D and mixed by Masew. Even though the song was released simultaneously with many other artists’ MVs, it stood at #2 Vietnam YouTube top trending after 2 days released.

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amee do for love ft bray vietnamese pop music


The catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics make the song popular on Valentine’s Day.  The rap part is a very lovely confession of the guy when he falls in love at first sight, and AMEE has turned the green light for him when she gives him a chance to prove what he said to her.

amee do for love bray


Besides that, the Vpop MV impresses the audience with a series of beautiful scenes in Dalat which is a famous floral city in Vietnam.

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bray do for love

B RAY and Masew. – Source:

B RAY wants to send a message to his audience, “A man who fails in love, loses in life but if he does anything for love and lives for it, will achieve good and happy things”.

bray viet rapper

B RAY and AMEE in the MV. Source:

At the same time of this MV released, B RAY also published his Album “Loser2Love” including 7 songs: “Thua Cuộc”, “Nào Có Sẽ Trả”, “Đừng Đổ Lỗi Cho Bọn Trẻ”, “Do For Love”, “Con Gái Rượu”, “Dư Tiền” and “Finale 3”. This comeback sets a milestone in B RAY’s musical path. It is also a special gift that he wants to send to his fans on the occasion of Valentine.

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Do For Love:

Do For Love (Dance version):

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