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MusicAMEE Enters Multiple Game Worlds in “Yeu Thi Yeu Khong Yeu Thi Yeu” to Conquer Her Love

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AMEE’s latest music video “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” was released on June 18th, 2020 on St.319 Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The song “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” belongs to the Electro Pop genre with a lovely melody performed by AMEE. The song was composed by Hứa Kim Tuyền and T.R.I.

The MV “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” is set in many game worlds with many familiar characters that AMEE plays in order to find her love.

amee yeu thi yeu khong yeu thi yeu vietnamese idol

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In the music video “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu”, AMEE meets a man (played by Thành) and falls in love at first sight, but they cannot be next to each other easily. AMEE must pass five stages that are “Tiêu Diệt Vệ Tinh”(crush satellite),”Hạ Gục Tình Cũ”(crush ex-lover),”Hẹn Hò”(dating), “Ngân Hàng Sở Thích”(hobbies bank) and “Căn Phòng Trái Tim”(heart room). Each stage simulates a popular game like Fruit Ninja, Audition Online and Tomb Raider.

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In the first stage, AMEE destroys her opponent (played by Linh Ngọc Đàm). In the next level, she faces Thành’s ex-girlfriend (played by famous gamer and YouTuber MisThy). After facing two challenges, the audiences think that they can finally be next to each other until Mr. Tuesday (performed by JSOL) intercepts and makes the love story more difficult. The final difficulty is on the final stage, AMEE needs to choose whether to stay close to him or stop pursuing him.

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The music video “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” impressed the audiences with its creativity. It gives the audience two choices to end the story that they can decide on their own. The music video “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” also received many compliments because of its catchy melody combined with the professional visual effects and fun characters.

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This song is a huge milestone in AMEE’s music career. The music video “Yêu Thì Yêu Không Yêu Thì Yêu” currently has over 10.1 million views on YouTube and 672 thousand listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this outstanding song like other songs of AMEE such as “Anh Nhà Ở Đâu Thế?”(AMEE, B Ray), “Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi”(AMEE, ViruSs), “Đen Đá Không Đường” and ”Sao Anh Chưa Về Nhà”(AMEE, Ricky Star).

Yeu Thi Yeu Khong Yeu Thi Yeu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66GBxJYrmVM

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