MusicAMEE Makes a Comeback on Lunar New Year 2022 With the Sweet Song “Thay Moi Co Gai Yeu Anh”

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The ballad song was composed by Kai Đinh to welcome the most awaited occasion of couples – Valentine’s. The MV is released on 6 February on ST.319 Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel.

The poetic lyrics are the feeling of the girl for her first love. Student love is always the most innocent and memorable. They have been gently gone through their youth together. The song reminisces the lovely story love of a high school student.

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AMEE’s angelic Voice is always the first thing to impress the audience. About the MV, this is a story of a mature girl traveling back the time at her high school time. She would like to live in that moment again.

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At the end of the MV, the girl wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. However, she suddenly meets her first love, which makes her burst into the brightest smile ever.

thay moi co gai yeu anh amee vpop

credit: ‘Thay mọi cô gái yêu anh” MV

The beautiful ending proves that first love is always the best memory sleeping deep inside our minds that whenever remember that, we can smile happily without thinking.

amee thay moi co gai yeu anh mv

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credit: ‘Thay mọi cô gái yêu anh” MV

It is something to cherish and this is also a priceless gift that youth has brought to each person.

With deep lyrics, melodious ballad genre, and AMEE‘s sweet and pure vocal, the song quickly stands at top 7 YouTube music trending after 5 days releasing.

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thay moi co gai yeu anh amee

credit: ‘Thay mọi cô gái yêu anh” MV

There is a YouTube trend name ‘Thay mọi cô gái yêu anh” Duet Challenge. With this searching, you can find a lot of fantastic duets MV (included Grey D, Andiez, Kai Dinh, and many other artists).

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Thay Moi Co Gai Yeu Anh:

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The song is in a larghetto rhythm 👍 good song


This really reminds me a lot of the mid to late ’90s pop that I loved so much as a child. Happy to see music like this making a comeback somewhere. I hope it keeps up! Such a beautiful song!


I really do enjoy her songs, so healing and lovely


Love it. School love is such a sweet moment in a person’s life and they don’t realize it until they are older. She captured it perfectly. Love the song!


This is really emotional but soft and sweet at the same time. Very true to “puppy love” that teens and young adults encounter. I liked the way they filmed it to match the mood and the lyrics.