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MusicAndiez Drops a Fun Love Song “Anh Danh Roi Nguoi Yeu Nay” With AMEE

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“Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này” was released on July 15, 2019 by Andiez Nam Trương and AMEE on Andiez’ official YouTube channel. This is the second song in OST Thật Tuyệt Vời Khi Ở Bên Em film which was released on July 12th, 2019 .

“Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này” was also composed by Andiez as the first OST song of this film that was launched on July 4th, 2019. This cute song tells about two people who met each other incidentally and their hearts were vibrant.

They dreamed about many beautiful things together. They wondered whether they would meet again or if the other had a boyfriend/girlfriend. The hope is they can be together and going in a common path despite there are few people who believe in the love that is built from seeing each other accidentally in the road. But sometimes, love is just simple like that and no one can know when real love will appear in front of us.

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andiez and amee vietnamese pop

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Through the gentle melody and the sweet lyrics, Andiez and AMEE gave fans a wonderful song that might be used to flirt in a lovely way. Especially, the sentence “Anh gì ơi anh đánh rơi người yêu này” (Hey boy you dropped your lover) has been a trending phrase on social networks.

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andiez and amee

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This is the first time both the hit-maker Andiez and the sweet candy girl AMEE have an OST song together but their collaboration gained many positive reactions from netizens. As reported, Andiez just needed an hour to complete “Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này” but he had to spend much time to research about the content of Thật Tuyệt Vời Khi Ở Bên Em film to create the most suitable song.

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anh danh roi nguoi yeu nay andiez amee

Source: Andiez’ Facebook page

The images of this song are the interleaved scenes between some images of these two artists in the recording studio and some excerpts of Thật Tuyệt Vời Khi Ở Bên Em film. However, “Anh Đánh Rơi Người Yêu Này” still got a large number of views on YouTube with almost 900,000 views currently. Besides, today this song also reached 1.8 million listens on Zing Mp3.

anh danh roi nguoi yeu nay vpop

Source: saostar.vn

Anh Danh Roi Nguoi Yeu Nay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3RICWXA_3U

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